Our Objectives

L & P Law Partners recognises that businesses wishing to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s global market must develop a more sophisticated vision of success that includes environmental and socially responsible practices as well as economic prosperity. To that end, we have developed a low-cost, high-touch firm model—in essence, a virtual law firm—that allows us to:

➣ Strive to help each client to attain sustainability from the way they operate, the way they manage, the development of best practices to avoid litigation, and the imprint that they leave;

➣ Be the leading law firm for the responsible business community by consistently delivering expert legal counsel to our clients in a timely way;

➣ Increase our clients’ “triple bottom line” by assisting them to build their economic capital while looking after their environmental, social, governmental, and corporate responsibilities;

➣ Support the individuals within the firm to succeed by cultivating imagination, consideration, and an entrepreneurial spirit to increase the value we provide to our clients;

➣ Reduce our costs, and our footprint on the planet, by integrating virtually and avoiding the traditional “brick and mortar” costs associated with operating a law firm. What we lose by not having big and expensive conference tables, outdated law libraries, support staff supporting support staff and spectacular views from a huge and expensive office premises, we gain by passing along tremendous cost savings and efficient work ethics that we hope will in turn be passed along by our clients to theirs.

If you need any additional information we will be most glad to assist. Just drop us an email at:operations@portagent.mu